Erosion Solutions

Erosion Solutions for Nurseries

Working together to protect your soil.

We work with nurseries to plan and fund custom solutions that are proven to reduce soil erosion with minimal disruption to operations. Free planning is available to nurseries, as well as 75% cost share funding for projects that address soil erosion. Contact Aaron (see sidebar below) or fill out our site visit request form to learn more.

Contact Aaron Guffey to learn more:

Gravel farm roads

Replacing dirt farm roads with gravel roads that are graded to a crown and protected with geotextile fabric under the gravel. The ditches are planted with grass to capture rain as it flows off the road.

Grassed waterways

Drainage areas or ditches that have been graded and planted with grass, in order to convey water down a slope without erosion.

Filter strips

Strips of perennial grass that run through the crop field. They are generally mowed only once a year to prevent seed production.

Cover crops

Crops planted on bare ground between harvest and planting to temporarily protect fields from soil erosion by intercepting rain and improving soil structure.

Alley crops

Cover crops planted between tree rows during growing season.

Field borders

Grassed strips surrounding fields to catch runoff from fields. Not used as field roads or equipment turning areas.

Temporary devices

Temporary erosion control devices such as wattles, silt fences, mulch, and check dams to slow and filter runoff during and after harvest.

Sediment basins

Basins designed to temporarily store sediment laden water until sediment settles out.

Soil tests

Tests soil for organic matter content and soil type to determine how prone soil is to erosion.

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