Native Plant Sale

A volunteer carries a large order out to a customer's car.

Our Native Plant Sale is coming up! This year things will look a little different. We are excited to focus exclusively on bare-root trees and shrubs. This year’s selection will also feature an expanded selection of drought-tolerant species! While we love native groundcovers and they are a valuable addition to any yard or landscape, the preparation of groundcover rhizomes puts a large strain on our staff and volunteer capacity.

We know how much you love filling your garden with native groundcovers, so we have put together a helpful list of Local Sources of Native Plants at comparable prices.

Our 2016 Native Plant Sale begins in January! Order your plants online beginning on January 20th, then pick them up on February 20th. We recommend joining our email list for plant sale updates and reminders. You can also follow us on Facebook or Twitter for more frequent updates and information.


2015 Plant Sale

The 2015 Native Plant Sale was a great success! About 800 people participated in the sale, and went home with over 20,000 native plants. Thank you to the many wonderful volunteers who helped us package the plants, sort customer orders and distribute them on pickup day! Plant Sale would not be possible without your efforts.

Our plant sales take months of preparations and planning, and the last few weeks are the busiest! Watch the video below to learn more about our plant sale, and how the efforts of our amazing volunteers make it all possible!