What is an Agricultural Easement?

Farmland on a cloudy day

Agricultural easements are a type of easement specifically designed to keep working lands working!  These agreements have been used throughout the country on productive farms and ranches. It is a permanent agreement that runs with the land and applies to all future owners of the property.

The easement places permanent restrictions on future use and development of land (like preventing a housing development or shopping mall).  The property owner continues to own and use the land for agriculture and may sell it, but the easement restrictions always stay with the land preventing non-agricultural uses.  They are designed to give farmers the flexibility to respond to changing market conditions while ensuring that the land stays in farming.

Benefits of an Agricultural Easement include:

  • Peace of mind knowing that your farm is protected for the next generation of farmers.
  • Reduces uncertainty about the future of your land.
  • Continues your legacy as good stewards of the land.
  • Helps with estate planning decisions.
  • May provide income tax savings.
  • May provide a direct financial return if the easement is sold.


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