Farmer Graduates

Meet the farmers who have graduated from our Headwaters Farm Incubator program!

Headwaters Farmers

Olza and Vladimir Stadnikov : Stadnikov Farm

Olza and Vladimir Stadnikov

Stadnikov Farm

Olza and Vladimir Stadnikov have over ten years experience in food production, half of which was in Tajikistan and Siberia, the other half from market production here in Oregon. In addition to the wide variety of vegetables they sell at the Lents International Farmers Market, Stadnikov Farm is best known for its dark, rich, local honey. The beekeeping craft has been a tradition with the Stadnikov family for over fifty years. It’s a practice that looks to continue, as Vladimir and Olza’s son has now become the primary hive manager. After managing dozens of hives, the Stadnikovs have become vocal advocates of organic practices and the development of habitat that promotes the proliferation of pollinator species.

Rick, Heather, & Brenner

Abundant Fields Farm

Abundant Fields is a petite farm that utilizes sustainable farming practices to provide fresh, organic, high quality produce, with the goal of becoming a viable contributor to the local economy and food movement through sales at local farmers markets, small gourmet restaurants and local health food stores. This vision can be summed up simply: “Big Flavor ~ Tiny Farm.”

In addition to being a farmer in the program, Rick and Heather live at Headwaters Farm with their four-year-old son, Brenner, where they are caretakers of the property. They love living on the farm and greatly appreciate the opportunity to be involved with the incubator program from its onset.

Tatyana and Petr Puzur : Happy Moment Farm

Tatyana and Petr Puzur

Happy Moment Farm

Tatyana and Petr Puzur launched Happy Moment Farm in 2009 as a return to the farming lifestyle and occupation they practiced for years in the Kuban region of Russia. As their farm name suggests, Happy Moment plays a key role in their physical and mental contentment and health, but also how they engage and embrace family, community, and place.

After immigrating to the United States, the Puzurs used Zenger Farm’s Lents International Farmers Market and Mercy Corps Northwest’s Refugee Farming Program as a way to begin producing food in their new homeland. Through this support network, they quickly developed the skills necessary to manage their farm business. Now, as seasoned growers to the Pacific Northwest, they’ve refined their goals to include the continued organic production of vegetables—many of which are crops they cultivated in Russia—and building soil health through the use of solid conservation agriculture practices.

Brindley Beckwith and Spencer Suffling

Tanager Farm

Tanager Farm is run by Brindley Beckwith and Spencer Suffling, who have been farming together for a few seasons in Oregon. We have farmed in many different environments from WWOOFing to nonprofits to production farms. We are growing diverse, seasonal vegetables on one acre of land for local businesses such as P’s & Q’s Market and Veecee Farm, while providing a CSA for people who love vegetables or want to learn to love them. Thank you for supporting us and other small farms who believe in sustainability and community! Visit our website at

Pete Munyon and Claire Lutts : Udan Farm

Pete Munyon and Claire Lutts

Udan Farm

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