How and When to Apply

Prospective incubator farmers need to fill out an application form, in addition to submitting a farm business plan and resume. The application period for the 2018 Headwaters Incubator Program growing season will begin in October, 2017.

Who Should Apply to the Program?

Rowan Steele

Have questions?

Contact Rowan Steele – Headwaters Farm Program Manager

Interested individuals should have experience in farming and the agricultural skills and knowledge necessary to establish a farm business. The program seeks to find incubator farmers who will be successful and add to the diversity of local farm products and marketing strategies. Right now all types of farm businesses will be considered. However, it should be noted that the planting of most perennial crops is likely a poor fit given the four-year nature of the program and the time it takes to turn a profit with perennial crops. Livestock farm businesses are a viable option, yet the site currently lacks the infrastructure necessary to retain and house large animals.

For more important details, please visit the Incubator Program Information section.