Vacancies for EMSWCD Associate Board Director positions

The East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District (EMSWCD) is seeking up to five Associate Board Directors. EMSWCD is a local government entity that serves over 700,000 residents who live, own, and/or manage land east of the Willamette River in Multnomah County, Oregon. The EMSWCD service area encompasses 230,000 acres, which includes the City of Portland and portions of three major watersheds, all of which contribute to the Greater Columbia River Basin.

The EMSWCD Board is composed of five publicly-­elected Board Directors and several appointed Associate Board Directors. Associate Board Directors help EMSWCD achieve its mission to help people care for land and water by participating in monthly board and committee meetings, representing the EMSWCD in the community, and by providing input on programs, policies, and grants. Associate Board Directors are non-staff volunteer positions that do not vote on Board decisions, but may be appointed to Board Committees wherein all Committee members vote.

Learn more about the position, eligibility and how to apply here.


EMSWCD seeks to embrace equity, inclusion, and diversity considerations in all of its activities. As such, EMSWCD is committed to ensuring equal opportunities to all qualified individuals. EMSWCD believes a diverse board and workforce will enhance its ability to fulfill its mission. Associate Board Director positions will be filled through a competitive search intended to increase diversity and provide equal opportunity to all applicants. Persons who represent diverse backgrounds and who speak more than one language are encouraged to apply.