General Resources

Find general resources related to native plants in this section, as well as our Native Plant Screensaver.


  • Sun and Water Requirements – a simple, one-page reference to sun and water requirements for over 50 native plants.
  • Native Plant and Seed Suppliers (EMSWCD Conservation Directory) – you can find a list of local suppliers of native plants and seeds in our Conservation Directory.
  • Local Sources of Native Plants – similar to the link above, we have a list of native plant sales, wholesale suppliers, and local places to see native plants. You can also download the same list in PDF format here: Local Sources of Native Plants (PDF)
  • screenshot of native plant screensaver

    Native Plant Screensaver (Windows only) – Download our free native plant screensaver! It includes eight compositions of beautiful native plants from the Pacfic Northwest. Many thanks to Catherine Sherraden for helping to make this resource possible.

    When you click on the link a window will pop up telling you that you are opening an application. Choose “Save File”. Then go to the file and double click to run it. This will automatically install the screensaver in your control panel. Unfortunately the screensaver does not work on Apple computers. Refer to the readme text for instructions to adjust the settings or remove the screensaver from your computer.

Links to Other Resources

  • Portland Plant List – a comprehensive guide to native plants, as well as a list of nuisance plants. Organized by habitat and terrain type (e.g. “Mixed deciduous forest, steep dry slope”)
  • Native Plant Landscaping – a great resource from King County; includes several detailed sample landscape plans showing good ideas for companion plants, and information on the plants themselves.

Native Plant Sale Resources

Every year EMSWCD conducts a native plant sale, which is a great way for you to obtain low-cost native trees, shrubs and groundcovers for your yard. Learn more in the Native Plant Sale page.