Resources – Water Conservation

beads of water on Deer Foot leaf

Resources, guides and tools related to Water Conservation, including topics such as outdoor water efficiency, stormwater and graywater.


Water Efficient plant guide – a great guide to water efficient plants for the Willamette Valley; also includes advice on planning, cultivation, watering and maintenance. Large file, 32 mb.

Links to other resources

Outdoor Water Efficiency – The Portland Water Bureau has an excellent collection of information and resources related to efficient water use outdoors.

EPA National Stormwater Calculator – a desktop application that can help you estimate both the runoff from your property, and how much impact you can have by utilizing low-impact methods such as rain gardens or porous pavement.

Graywater – Oregon DEQ

DEQ’s Questions and Answers: Permits for graywater reuse and disposal systems

DEQ’s Reusing Graywater in Your Landscape: A Guide for Oregon Homeowners – includes a comprehensive list of plants that can be watered using graywater

DEQ Graywater Presentation

For more information on the permitting process, see the OR DEQ Graywater website

Graywater – other states and resources

Please note that some of the information from the following websites (permitting, regulations, rainfall patterns, etc.) may not apply to graywater systems in Oregon.

Washington Graywater program

San Francisco Graywater Guide

Greywater Action

Oasis Design