Our Budget

The District’s conservation work is mostly funded by a small portion of your property taxes. In November 2004, the voters of the District approved the establishment of a permanent property tax rate limit for East Multnomah SWCD. The rate limit is a maximum of 10¢ per $1000 assessed value – by law this rate cannot increase. The district operates on an annual budget proposed by the budget officer with input from other members of staff and approved by the budget committee.

For more information about the budget process, please read:

EMSWCD Budget Message FY 2015-16

FY 2015-16 Approved Budget:

EMSWCD FY2015-16 Approved Budget

FY 2014-15 Adopted Budget:

EMSWCD FY2014-15 Adopted Budget

Community Involvement

The budget meetings are open to the general public, and individuals are encouraged to participate in the process – that means you! The budget committee takes written comments as well as spoken comments to give people a chance to provide input even if they can’t attend the meetings or run out of speaking time during the meetings. Written comments may be hand delivered at the second budget committee meeting or the District office prior to the meeting.

For more details on the public comment procedures, please read:

Public Comment Procedure

To view archived budget documents, visit our documents and resources page

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