CLIP Committee

The purpose of the CLIP Committee is to review and provide input on Cooperative Landowner Incentive Program (CLIP) grant applications, which provide cost-share to landowners and land managers for on-the-ground conservation projects. Committee members review and provide input directly to staff regarding CLIP applications on an ongoing, as-needed basis, normally without formal meetings between committee members. Should committee members identify issues of concern with a CLIP application that cannot be resolved, the project will be brought before the full Board of Directors for consideration.

CLIP Committee Members

  • Directors: Laura Masterson and Allison Hensey
  • Staff: Suzanne Easton, Grants Manager; Julie DiLeone, Rural Lands Program Supervisor; Kathy Shearin, Urban Lands Program Supervisor; Jeremy Baker, Senior Rural Conservationist; Aaron Guffey, Senior Rural Conservationist; and Whitney Bailey, Senior Urban Conservationist